We Started Gauthier-Stacy in 1996 with a belief
that the process of architecture and design could be made a lot more
enjoyable for clients.  In the ensuing years we’ve built a team who
bring not merely expertise to the job, but passion and enthusiasm for
what they do.  We take the work seriously, with a high level of
professionalism and commitment.  But we also love it.  And we want
you to love it – and have fun with it as well!  Not merely the finished
product, but the collaborative process, which can be daunting if you’re
new to it.  We pride ourselves in being with you every step of the way, in
meeting your budget, delivering an outstanding product on time,
exceeding expectations.  Whether we’re creating an exotic penthouse
off the coast of Florida or an Adobe-style home in Arizona, a
Normandy-themed country home in Tennessee or a 75-foot
antique yacht, a farmhouse in Illinois or a beach house on Cape Cod.
The process – as well as the final product – matters.

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